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Limitless | Installation Guides!

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Below I've listed a variety of installation guides on how to setup the Limitless CCTV App on your streaming devices and IPTV Player Platforms.

Installation Guide: MAG/MAC/BuzzTV Boxes!

1. Find your server settings

2. Enter this server url: http://lltv.xyz/c

3. Provide androidtv.tips your mac address.

STB Emulator APP

Open the app – Long press to open settings, and tap up right corner.

1. Go into SETTINGS

2. STB Configurations. ..Set top one to MAG – 254 on normal speed devices and MAG-256 on 3GB or More Memory devices.

3. Press OK.

4. Scroll down 4 tabs and see the MAC.

Note: if using a generic app, this is the portal code you need: http://lltv.xyz/c

IPTV SMARTERS (If Not Using the Branded App) ...for Android, Apple and Some Smart TV's

1. Enter Your Name, Username, Password and Server URL.

2. Name can be anything you like: (used only to identify this service, if you want to setup more than one)

3. Username/Password as provided

4. Server URL or Portal: http://lltv.xyz:80