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How to Stream The Best Quality Movies + TV Shows

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

As many are missing their high quality VOD services or are trying to decide which streaming services to keep for their HD/4K content or maybe just looking for a cheaper alternative.. then I highly recommend pairing a service like Real-Debrid with all of the popular TV Show and Movie Apps. With VOD services and other paid TV Show/Movie services you have to wait for content to be uploaded to that service. The way these free apps work today, they act like search engines and search all over the internet for sources instead of relying on whats uploaded directly to them. Supercharging your current free TV show and movie apps with a service like Real-Debrid is the absolute best way to get all the latest and greatest content and sources. This is why Real-Debrid is one of top recommendations to anyone trying to get the best out of their streaming devices.


Real-Debrid is a subscription service that provides it's users access to additional file/high quality sources and links, when paired with the apps listed below. When a user selects a TV Show or Movie to watch via app.. Real-Debrid will provide you with additional links from it's 56+ supported hosts. Giving you premium access to these file hosts, means your streaming speeds are not limited. These links are less commonly used than the default ones scraped by most third-party sources in apps, as they’re likely to load with less buffering and may (and often do) offer 4K/HD versions of the requested Movie or TV Shows you're wanting to watch. What does this mean for the movie/tv show lover in you? Amazing quality, uninterrupted movies and tv shows for your streaming pleasure!

Many of the applications show Real-Debrid links in different colours like Gold, Purple or Teal.. and some apps even have Settings specific to fine tuning what or how your Real-Debrid sources are present within them.



Each RD package comes with "Fidelity Points", that can be used to extend your service. It cost 1000 points to extend your service for 30 days. For Instance: if you happen to purchase the 16 EUR + 4 EUR packages, totaling 20 EUR/23 USD.. this would give you 7 months + 1 bonus month.


On your phone, go to this link:

From Firestick/Device Homescreen..

Open up Cinema HD.. Go-to Settings, and scroll down to Premium Account. Click on the option to 'Login to Real-Debrid'. You'll then be given a code to enter into the site that you accessed from your phone.

Follow the steps and once complete, you will see your Real-Debrid information displayed in the settings of the app.. like this: ⤵️

Many of the streaming apps have a similar setup process. Here is a list of the most popular apps that are accepting Real-Debrid (listed in alphabetical order):


Cinema HD

Cyberflix TV


Mediabox HD

Nova TV


Typhoon TV

If you do not have Real-Debrid, you can sign up here at:

THE FINE PRINT... So you have a gazillion devices?.. TV's, tablets, phones, firesticks, android boxes etc. -- Can you setup Real-Debrid on them all? Yes you can! Just follow the steps above within your apps, on all of your devices and you're good to go! Real-Debrid does not limit the amount of devices you can use it on as long as they are being used under one IP address (at the same location). Love Real-Debrid so much you want to show your friend? You can use it at different locations as long as it's one location at a time. If you decide to use it at a family or friends home just make sure to logout or clear your Real-Debrid information before you leave their place. This service is so cheap that if your family and friends would like to use it after you leave, signing up for their own account wouldn't put them out of pocket. That being said, there is also a referral program, that gives you extensions boost of 5 days.. plus 50 Fidelity Points.

Do I need a VPN when using Real-Debrid?

If you're only streaming your content and not downloading anything, generally you do not need a VPN with this service. Generally without using Real-Debrid, your ISP would see directly what content you are accessing. With Real-Debrid, your ISP would see that you are accessing or receiving information from Real-Debrid but theoretically not what or where that content comes and or came from. If you are conscious about your online privacy, than you may still use a VPN with Real-Debrid.

Will my VPN work with Real-Debrid? There are a lot more VPN's that don't work with Real-Debrid than those that do.

Real-Debrid has some information on their website, as to which VPN's are compatible:

If your VPN is under the Non-Cooperative VPN providers list as Nord is.. do not get discouraged. I have found by changing your country and refreshing, will in most cases find a compatible whitelisted IP Address compatible with both Real-Debrid and your VPN provider. If you are looking for a 75% discount on Nord VPN click here!

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